Three and Half feet Famous youtuber Rehan Zubairi became a father. His 3 feet’s wife Tehseen Jahan gave birth to a son

In Uttar Pradesh( India ) A YouTuber Rehan Zubairi, who is only three and a half feet has become a father. His 3 feet wife Tehseen Jahan has given birth to a son. Rehan’s child was born at Sylvanja Hospital in Sambhal, where the doctors gave a successful delivery to his wife. While Rehan Zubairi is overjoyed after the birth of her child, the hospital staff is thrilled with the delivery of the shortest woman ever.

The weight of the child born to Tehseen Jahan and Rehan is 2 kg,100Gram. On the other hand, according to the doctor, the length of the child is like other normal children. Rehan is very happy with the birth of the baby. They are thanking God for this happiness.

3 feet’s Tehseen Jahan’s delivery case was the first case of shortest woman’s delivery in the Sylvanja Hospital. The entire staff was thrilled about this delivery. On the other hand, the doctor and chairman of the hospital called the case excited.

Let us tell you that the youtuber Rehan Zubairi is only three and a half feet tall. Despite his short height, he is rich beasuse of her versatility. He is a body builder, a great dancer and also a cheerful person. Rehan is often the talk of the town. Three and half feet’s Rehan’s marriage was also a challenge. At the age of about forty, Rehan’s family and Tehseen Jahan’s family met through social media. Wherever Tehseen is 3 feet. In 2021 Rehan and Tehseen got married.

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