In Rajasthan: A 26 years-old boy swallowed 56 Blades. Doctors’ Team operated him 3 hours and remove all the blades

suman sidhu ( The Mirror Time )

The accountant of the private company swallowed 56 blades one by one. When He vomits of blood, his  friends took him to a private hospital. When the doctors did sonography, they were shocked. There were severe cut marks on his neck. Blades were filled in the stomach. There was swelling in the whole body. The case is of Sanchore in Jalore district(Rajasthan).

According to information, Datta resident Yashpal Singh (26) is an accountant in SM Rao Developers near BJP District President Shravan Singh Rao in Sanchore. He lives with 4 companions by taking a room in Balaji Nagar. On Sunday morning all the companions had gone to the office for work. Yashpal was alone in the room. At around 9:30 in the morning, Yashpal called his colleagues and  Told that his health had deteriorated. There is vomiting of blood. His companions reached the room. He was taken to the nearby Manmohan Hospital at around 10 am. After an investigation here, he was referred to the big hospital. Yashpal was later admitted to Mediplus Hospital in Sanchore.

Doctor Narsi Ram Devasi first got Yashpal’s X-ray done at Mediplus Hospital. Then sonography. Many blades were seen in his stomach. After this, doctors also did the endoscopy. Then an emergency operation was done to remove the blade from the stomach. The operation took 3 hours to remove all the blades.

According to Dr. Narsi Ram Devasi, the oxygen level was at 80 when the young man was brought to the hospital. Investigation found information about having a blade in the stomach. After this, 56 blades were removed after a 3 hours long operation. At present his condition is stable.

Dr. Narsi Ram Devasi told- It is possible that the young man had anxiety or depression, due to which he ate 3 whole packets of blades. He had eaten the blade along with the cover by dividing it into 2 parts, due to which the blades went inside. If he had eaten like this, the blade would have got stuck in his throat. Does not go inside He told that when the blade reached the stomach, its cover got dissolved. Blood started oozing from the cut inside the stomach. Started vomiting blood. We removed the blades by operation and also treated the wounds in the stomach.

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