The Bearded Girl Mandeep, who lives in Punjab, is very famous these days because of her different look.

Suman ( The Mirror Time )

A Bearded Girl Mandeep is a girl but her looks are just like boys. By his face, people think she is a boy.  His hobbies, way of working, and living are also like boys. Mandeep’s elder brother also considers her his younger brother. Both of them do farming work together and also go to the market and she also loves to ride Bullet.

Mandeep Kaur said that she was married in 2012 but after some time of marriage, when the boy and his family members came to know about the beard and mustache on her face, they broke the Marriage.

Mandeep told that after the breakup she went into depression, But with the love and courage of the family, she came out of depression. After then she started going to Gurdwara sahib and became a Gursikh, after which she adopted her bearded look.

Mandeep Kaur says that she has been blessed by Guru Sahib, and desecration of hair is a big crime that she does not want to commit. She said that today, this Beard look is her biggest strength for me.

On the other hand, Mandeep Kaur’s elder brother told that she never let him feel the lack of a younger sister or brother, Mandeep always stood shoulder to shoulder with me everywhere.

 Mandeep’s elder brother said that Mandeep works with him in the fields and also goes to the market, if any difficulty arises, both sisters and brothers become each other’s support. He said that when people see Mandeep for the first time, they do not believe that she is a girl, but they identify her by her way of speaking and voice. Mandeep’s brother said that he is proud of his sister.

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