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Meet India’s Kai Greene bodybuilder only 3 feet

Harpreet Kaur (The Mirror Time)

INDIA(Punjab) Ganesh Kumar is a 23-year-old smallest Bodybuilder.  He is a professional bodybuilder. He is 3 feet 5 inches in height.  Ganesh is very famous in his locality. He is known as the shortest bodybuilder.
In a family of normal heightened people, Ganesh Kumar, always considered himself a misfit.  Walking in the footprints of popular American bodybuilder Kai Greene, Kumar has made bodybuilding his passion. With his growing social media following, his workout videos have already been seen and shared by lakhs of users.

He began training in the gym many years ago and now he works out six times per week.
He has also won the mister world 2022 silver madel bodybuilding Championship in the past. Ganesh said that his friends don’t troll him for his height, rather they motivate him to work hard.

When he was just 7 or 8 years old, he started noticing his body growing abnormally. Then started frequent visits to doctors. His parents would take him to various medical experts to get adequate treatment for his stunted growth but to no avail. Youngest of five siblings,

Unable to focus on their studies while growing up, he couldn’t complete his education and skipped school after Class X. At school, he used to overcome his weakness and his peers’ reaction to his dwarf body by singing. However, life changed after he started lifting weights.

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