A tumor of 13 kg was found in a 13-year-old child, doctors saved his life by performing an operation

Harpreet Kaur (The Mirror Time)

INDIA(Uttar Pradesh), Lucknow Doctors gave a new life to a 13-year-old child by removing a 13 kg tumor from his stomach. The tumor was so big that the child started having problems walking.
Doctors of Kalyan Singh Super Specialty Cancer Institute on Saturday gave a new life to a 13-year-old child by removing a 13 kg tumor from his stomach. The child had a tumor in the stomach from the time of birth, which kept on increasing. Alam became such that it started affecting the diaphragm, large intestine, small intestine, kidney, and large veins of blood. Prof. Director of Kalyan Singh Cancer Institute. RK Dhiman told that such tumors are less in children. They also get cured on early treatment, but due to negligence, they become very big. This kid had a little problem in the beginning. Due to the increase in the size of the tumor, he also started having problems walking. When the tumor was confirmed in the investigation, Dr. Ankur Verma, Dr. Durgesh Kumar, and Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh of Surgical Oncology decided to operate.

Dr. Ankur said that due to the increase in the size and weight of the tumor, there were many challenges during the operation. The biggest challenge was to prevent the tumor from rupturing. That’s why a lot of care was taken during the operation. Dr. Asim Rashid, Dr. Indubala, Dr. Ruchi, and Dr. Himanshu, head of the anesthesiologist department, were included in the team that performed the operation.

The Chief Medical Superintendent of the Institute, Prof. Anupam Verma said that such operations are very complicated. That’s why teamwork is very important. Pro. Dhiman said 

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