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India’s Three brothers suffer from a rare disease that makes them look like A Child due to which the height of all three is nearly about 20 inches

Ajay Verma (The Mirror Time)

INDIA(Punjab) the Three Toddlers brothers have a rare disease, due to which the height of all three is nearly about  20 inches. The name of these toddlers’ kids is Daljeet Singh, Kamaljit Singh, and Ramneet Singh. People say that this case is the first case in the world in which the height of the three brothers is so small due to a strange disease.

If you look at these three brothers, then you will find these three brothers to be 2 or 3 years old, but you will be surprised to see their age. Elder brother Daljit is 13 years old, middle brother Kamaljit is 11 and youngest brother Ramneet is 7 years old. Their parents said that due to their short height, all three children cannot do any of their work, while the youngest boy Ramneet cannot even stand. Their parents told that when all three were taken for admission to the school, the school did not give them admission because of their short height.

Parents say that all three were shown to many doctors but none of the medicines had any effect on all three. The family said that the doctors said that he had a rare disease in his head, due to which his height could not increase. He said that we got treatment from many hospitals in India but it did not make any difference. Their mother says that we have to take care of all three like a 2-year-old child and We do all their work. They said whenever people see them, many people make fun of him and many love him.

They say that we have to face a lot of difficulties in taking them anywhere. She said that even for getting treatment, we take all three in our lap Because due to the small height, all three cannot walk much, nor can they get themselves treated. Their mother said that my husband is a laborer, and due to lack of money, we had to face many difficulties to get the children treated. 

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