The Doctor removed 382 stones from the woman’s stomach

Harpreet Kaur (The Mirror Time)

INDIA(Madhya Pradesh) In Katni, 382 stones came out from the stomach of a woman. the woman was troubled by chest and back pain, and laparoscopic surgery in the hospital The woman’s gallbladder was removed during laparoscopic surgery. When the doctors cut it and saw it, a total of 382 small and big stones came out in it.

A woman living in Harraiya village of Vijayraghavgarh area was troubled by chest and back pain for a long time. Even after getting a lot of treatment, she did not get relief from the pain, so her relatives got her sonography done in the hospital. In sonography, the doctor found a stone in the gallbladder. After which laparoscopic surgery of the woman was done under Ayushman Yojana. Dr. SK Singh and Dr. Dinkar told that during the surgery, a large number of stones came out from his stomach.

Dr. Dinkar Sharma told that after the operation which lasted for about two hours, Yashoda Bai’s gall bladder was taken out. The stone was removed from it. The size of the stone ranges from 5 mm to 10 mm. Dr. Dinkar told that the woman is currently admitted to the hospital

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