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Meet Mohammad Kaleem, A Boy with the World’s Biggest Hands

Ajay Verma (The Mirror Time)

INDIA (Jharkhand), Sixteen-year-old Mohammad Kaleem, who comes from a small village near Bokaro in Jharkhand, was called a ‘devil’s child’ since birth. He was completely ostracised for his Hulk-sized hand. Kaleem suffered from a rare deformity disease,

proteus, in which some parts of one’s body are bigger in size. This condition is also called local gigantism. It is a rare condition with not more than 300 cases globally, said Dr. S Raja Sabapathy. The length of Kaleem’s palm was about 24 inches from the wrist to the forefinger and, his one arm alone weighed nearly 8kg.

Children in his family were afraid of him. Hailing from a poor family (his father Mohammad Shamim is a daily wage laborer), Kaleem was never admitted to the school. He was isolated and alone.  Apart from his arms, his entire body was normal. It was very difficult for him to carry his arm’s weight and his shoulders were heavily strained. Imagine carrying an 8kg weight in one’s arms all the time.

Kaleem’s family members said that Kaleem’s hand surgery was done about 10 years ago, but after this surgery, Kaleem’s hands became even bigger, due to which Kaleem has to face a lot of problems. Family members say that Kaleem has to face a lot of difficulty in doing his work and all the work Kaleem does is done by his family members. They said Kaleem can’t even eat himself.

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