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In Bihar, a cow gave birth to a calf with 4 eyes, 2 mouths and 1 pair of ears: the crowd gathered to see, the calf is completely healthy

Harpreet Kaur ( The Mirror Time )

A surprising case has come to light in Bihar’s Madhepura district, where a cow has given birth to a two-faced calf at a farmer’s house. When the information of this reached the people, there was a crowd of people to see it. At present, both the cow and the child are said to be healthy.

According to the information received, Kamleshwari Yadav’s cow gave birth to a two-faced baby in Giddha village of Madhepura region at around 10 am on Tuesday. This calf is born with 4 eyes, 2 mouths and 1 pair of ears. Kamleshwari and her family were in for a surprise after the two-faced calf was born. The biggest thing is that the calf is completely healthy. This news spread like a fire. After which the people of the village started gathering to see this strange calf. Since the birth of the calf, Kamleshwari and her family have been engaged in serving the cow and feeding it jaggery etc.
Cattle doctor Dr. Naveen Kumar said that the phenomenon of an animal being born with two heads is called bicephaly. He said that such children are born due to the development of extra cells during fetal development. Sometimes such a phenomenon is seen in both animals and humans, although the age of such children is not much.

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