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SMS Hospital doctors Removed a 15 kg lump was removed from the operation,

Harpreet Kaur ( The Mirror Time )

The doctors of the orthopedic department of SMS Hospital have given a new life to a woman resident of Jhalawar, Rajasthan, who has been suffering from the pain of illness for years. Due to the tumor growing in the bones of the body with age, the doctor refused to treat her in big government and private hospitals in Delhi, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, but the woman breathed a sigh of relief after coming to the SMS hospital. Bone cancer specialist Dr. Rajkumar Harshwal was surprised to see an MRI and CT angiography. The operation has been done under the direction of Unit Head Dr. DS Meena. Dr. Jasveer Ola, Dr. Manisha, Dr. Sanjay Saini, and Dr. Sukhan are among those who cooperated in the operation which lasted for 3 hours.

This was the problem: The weight of the woman suffering from the disease became 35 kg, but she also had a lump of 15 kg. The lump also pressed the nerves. In such a situation, the hand had to be completely removed from the scapula bone of the shoulder. Numbness in the left hand due to compression of nerves, difficulty in breathing and could not work. Couldn’t even breathe. The woman is healthy after the operation.

According to Dr. Harshwal, Hereditary Multiple Exhaust Tois is a genetic disease, which is found only in one in 10 lakhs. These knots are like time bombs, which can turn into cancer anytime.

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