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The record of removing the largest stone from the kidney!: Claim- This is one of the largest stones in the world, the team was called for registration in the Guinness Book.

Ajay Verma (The Mirror Time)

In India (Indore)Doctors have removed a 12.5 cm stone from a woman’s kidney. The special thing is that in such a large stone, the kidney usually does not work, but the woman showed it to a private hospital in Dewas when she had stomach pain and urinary problems.

The case is of Laxmi (42), a resident of Mohammadkheda of Dewas. She had stomach pain and urinary problems for 8 months. She was told in many hospitals but the doctors said to remove the kidney due to being a big stone. On this, the woman was shown on August 8 in a private hospital in Dewas. Here the doctors did many tests including his CT scan, sonography, and DTP-A scan.

It was found that there is a big stone in the kidney. Secondly, stones are filled in the urinary tract along with the kidney. On this the team of Urologist Surgeon Dr. Devesh Bansal, Nephrologist Dr. Rubina Vohra, Anesthesiologist Dr. Priya Patidar, Dr. Nilesh Vardani, and Dr. Hina Khan planned his operation and removed the stone. Along with this, small stones were also removed.

According to Dr. Devesh Bansal, this large stone of 12.5 in the kidney is probably the second case in the world. Earlier in 2004, Dr. Hemendra Shah had removed a 13 cm stone from the kidney of a patient in Mumbai. The hospital management has called the team for registration of this case in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Dr. Bansal said that after the operation, the woman was kept in the ICU for two days and now she has been referred to the ward. The woman is completely healthy. She has been temporarily fitted with a drain tube through her stomach. After three days this tube will be removed and discharged.

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