Doctors remove 20 kg tumor from the 62 years old woman’s stomach

Ajay verma:

INDIA(Uttar Pradesh) Prayagraj, Shanti Devi (change name) is around 62 years old. When the stomach problem increased, took treatment from some doctors. Everyone gave assured her that take that particular medicine she will be fine. but it did not happen and the tumor grew and it weighed 20 kg.
Last week, the patient was concerned with cancer surgeon Dr. Rajul Abhishek in Adarsh hospital. He advised the operation.

Her tumor was removed after an operation that lasted for about five hours. According to the doctor, Now, she is fine. Dr.Rajul, Dr. Shivendu Ojha, Dr. Ashish Pandey, Dr. Arun Sharma, Sonu Sharma, Narendra Pratap Kesarwani, and Sanjeev Kesarwani also collaborated to make this operation successful.

Docter said This huge 20 kg tumor originating from the peritoneum looks like primary peritoneal carcinoma, CA-125 is 1235, I did exploratory laparotomy excision of the mass, total omentectomy, diseased peritonectomy, total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

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