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Doctors remove an 8-inch hair oil plastic BOTTLE from A 55-year-old man’s stomach

Ajay Verma

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INDIA(Madhya Pradesh) Chhatrapur, Dr. Manoj Chaudhary, a post-surgeon in Chhatarpur District Hospital, saved the life of a 55-year-old man undergoing surgery in the district hospital, a plastic bottle stuck in his stomach was badly trapped in operation, a strange case has come to light in Chhatrapur(Madhya Pradesh) in which a  man’s life was in a critical situation and had to come to the district hospital. where the doctors saved her life with a successful operation where now the patient is in the doctor’s observation and is healthy now.

The man, from Madhya Pradesh, had reportedly swallowed the Amla hair oil bottle whole, although it is still not entirely clear how the sizeable item ended up in his stomach.
Specialist laparoscopic surgeon Manoj Chowdhary managed to remove the bottle intact after a lengthy life-saving operation on May 16.

The man is being kept under observation following the surgery, but fuller details of the bizarre event have not been released due to conditions of patient confidentiality

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