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Birth of a child with four hands and four legs in Hardoi, people told the incarnation of God

Ajay verma (The Mirror Time)

INDIA ( Uttar Pradesh) A surprising case has come to light in Hardoi district. Here in Shahabad CHC, one such child has been born, who has four arms and four legs. Nearby people are reaching the hospital to see this child. Some people are calling it the charisma of nature.
A woman gave birth to a four-armed and four-legged child late on Saturday night at Shahabad CHC in the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. The baby was born late Saturday night in a normal delivery. Both the mother and child are completely healthy.

Kareena’s wife Sanjay, a resident of village Manglipur in Shahabad, was admitted to Shahabad CHC due to labor pain. Late in the evening, Kareena gave birth to this child.

During delivery, Kareena gave birth to a wonderful child, seeing which even the doctors were surprised. He immediately informed the to family members of Kareena. When the family members saw the girl, they could not believe it and they got upset.

At the same time, the information of a child with four hands and feet spread in the entire area. People gathered to see the girl. Some are telling this girl to be an incarnation of God, while some are saying the charisma of nature in the form of an incarnation of Goddess.

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