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A big steel glass was extracted from the stomach of the person in Uttar Pradesh, the doctors were also shocked

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INDIA( Uttar Pradesh)  A surprising case has come to light from the Jaunpur district, where doctors have taken out a large glass of steel from the stomach of a patient. The patient is fine after the operation, but there is a discussion among the people about how such a big glass has reached the stomach. , You must have heard and seen a handkerchief, catchy, globs, but it is surprising to get the glass out of the stomach. Doctor Siddharth saved his life by taking out a glass of Samarnath (age 50 years), a resident of Kotwa Bhatauli village of Maharajganj block.

Know what is the whole matter Samarjeet had a severe pain in the stomach for three-four days. He went to many hospitals, there was no relief there. After that, after finding out from relatives, he came to Siddharth Hospital in Wajidpur and told Dr. Lal Bahadur Siddharth about his stomach ache, the doctor Siddharth made an X-ray of the patient and saw that something is seen in the stomach. After that, Dr. Siddharth performed his operation. In which it was found that there is a glass in his stomach. Giving information about the case

Dr. Lal Bahadur Siddharth said that we came to a patient for a hernia operation and said that my stomach had pain. Do my operation When the doctor first got an X-ray, he saw that there is a glass of full size in the stomach. After hours of hard work, the entire team of doctor removed the glass safely from the operation.

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