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 Woman’s successful operation: Doctors removed a 10 kg tumor from a woman’s stomach after surgery.

Harpreet Kaur

In Chhattisgarh, A 10 kg tumor was removed from a woman in the Kawardha district of Chhattisgarh. A 60-year-old woman’s stomach was successfully operated at District Hospital Kawardha.  A 60-year-old Woman had a 10 kg big lump in her stomach, due to which she was troubled for the last 5 years. Even after getting treatment in many private hospitals, there was no relief. The team of specialist doctors in the district hospital saved the woman’s life by performing the operation.

Sato Bai, living in a village of Kawardha and she is 60 years old. Sato Bai had a big lump in her stomach. Due to this she was troubled for the last 5 years. He was also having problems with daily tasks. After getting the examination done in the district hospital, the doctor of the hospital advised the operation.

Civil surgeon Dr. M. Suryavanshi contacted Raipur’s cancer surgeon Dr. Kishan Soni and Kawardha’s gynecologist Dr. Ajit Radekar took time for the operation. The woman underwent a successful operation in the district hospital.

Ratiram Baiga said that his wife Sato Bai had been suffering from a stomach-ache for the last 5 years. Many times she also suffered from intolerable pain. There was difficulty in walking, abdominal pain, heaviness, weakness and shortness of breath. Satobai was shown to private doctors in Raipur and Kawardha, but she could not find relief anywhere. Then she  was shown to the district hospital. Doctors advised her for the operation. After which Sato Bai’s surgery was done and the tumor was removed from her stomach.

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