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Girl, 8, rushed to hospital after getting three COINS stuck in the throat

Ajay Verma ( The Mirror Time)

INDIA ( Chhattisgarh) Bilaspur, The girl, a resident of Khaira Duban of Pali block of Korba district, went to fill water with a bucket, then had pressed only three coins in her mouth, which went inside and got stuck in the food pipe. Due to this, the girl started crying and her condition got worse. Father Balkrishna took the girl to a private hospital in Pali, where an X-ray of the girl’s throat was done, in which coins were visible. But it was not known how many coins were trapped in the respiratory tract. Seeing his condition, the doctor referred him to Bilaspur.

When the girl’s family took her to a private hospital, her condition was critical and she became lethargic with pain. He was also having trouble breathing. When the doctors saw through the X-ray, then the coins were struck in the neck of the girl. The doctors made the girl unconscious to remove the coins. They then inserted ESOPHAGOSSCOPE from his mouth into the food pipe. After some time a coin came out. Then another coin was drawn. After taking out two coins, the doctors again looked through the X-ray machine and another coin was visible, to remove which the scope was inserted for the third time in the food pipe and the third coin was also taken out.

Dr. Brijesh Patel and his team saved the girl’s life He told that usually children swallow a coin or two and the coin gets stuck in the throat. In this case, three coins were stuck in the girl’s neck. This type of case is rare. However, when the girl reached the hospital in time, the coins were removed from her food pipe of the girl. After removing the coins, the condition of the girl is fine now.

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