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A cow gave birth to a strange calf, Whose torso is one but he has 2 different heads and 2 mouths.

Harpreet Kaur (TMT)

In Mangarh village of Uttar Pradesh (India), a cow gave birth to a unique calf on 21 June 2023, after seeing which everyone was surprised. Crowds of people started gathering to see this calf. Sahabsharan’s cow living in Mangarh village gave birth to 2 calves on 21 June 2023 and the first calf of the cow looks like the other calves but the second calf of this cow is totally different, actually this calf has 2 heads and 2  mouths .

Although there have been many cases in the past where a cow has given birth to a strange-looking calf, these strange-poor calves always die within a day or two. But this calf born in Uttar Pradesh is completely healthy even after 6  days of birth and despite having two heads , this calf is easily drinking its mother’s  milk.

On the other hand, the crowd of people is increasing day by day to see this two-headed calf. Villagers and people from other villages are considering this two-headed calf as a form of God and are also worshiping it..

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