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Shocking! Doctors remove a STEEL CUP from a man’s stomach in India

Ajay Verma ( The Mirror Time)

In the medical field,
many shocking cases keep coming, but there are some cases that even doctors are surprised to see.

One such case came to light in Patna’s PMCH on 4 October in the morning at 2 Am when a young man had reached with a complaint of having a steel glass in his rectum and was in pain and bleeding per rectum.

When the doctors saw, the foreign body was identified as metal glass by x-ray which was lying inside the rectum,

“The steel glass was inserted through the patient’s anus. This is a very rare case, mostly seen in psychiatric patients or those who are intoxicated. The patient gives a history that he was intoxicated and does not remember how he got the glass inside. We removed the metal glass after performing the surgery through the patient’s abdomen at 4 am, within a couple of hours of his admission on October 4,” said Dr. Kumar Vaibhav Sharma, senior resident pmch
as he shared his team’s achievements on Friday.

In fact, the steel glass was trapped in the man’s rectum, which was extracted after a complicated operation and the patient’s life was saved.

“His colostomy, which is an operation to create an opening for the colon or the large intestine, through the abdomen, is working now. The patient is stable and recuperating in our surgical intensive care unit. We will discharge the patient after 7-10 days, depending on how fast his wound heals. We will call him again after 3 months for colostomy reversal,” said Dr. Vaibhav Sharma.

The 11-member team of doctors at PMCH successfully performed surgery on the patient who arrived from Bettiah and removed a steel glass from the stomach of a 22-year-old youth.

IS Thakur, the hospital’s superintendent and HOD professor of the surgery department hurriedly formed a team of 11-member doctors and carried out the operation by performing surgery.
It was informed Dr. Vaibhav Sharma that a 22-year-old youth from Bettiah,
Ritesh Kumar came to the surgical emergency ward in
the hospital.
All the doctors were surprised to see that a metal glass was stuck in the way of the young man’s rectum.
PMCH superintendent Dr. IS Thakur said that the operation was very risky but it was expected that success would be achieved and the surgery was done efficiently.

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