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Man, 27, rushed to hospital after forcing DEODORANT can up his BUM – and keeping it there for three weeks

A man was rushed to hospital where doctors sliced open his stomach to remove a can of deodorant he had reportedly wedged up his bottom. The unnamed 27-year-old from Patharpratima, west Bengal, India, was taken to hospital

after complaining of abdominal pain. He was rushed to Burdwan Medical College Hospital where doctors performed an X-ray, only to find a seven-and-a-half-inch can stuck in his sigmoid colon. Doctors performed a two-hour surgery to remove the bottle. Footage from the operation shows a team of medics piercing through stomach lining to reach the silver spray can.

The doctors can then be seen pulling out the tube of deodorant before hovering it closer to the camera. They believe the object entered his body 20 days before the operation. The man’s oesophagus was also damaged but it is not yet clear if this was as a result of deodorant can or surgery. He is currently in a healthy condition but will be kept under observation from doctors over the next seven days.

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