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9-year-old girl operated: Doctors remove football-sized lump from stomach in 2-hour rigorous operation

Harpreet Kaur (TMT)

A 9-year-old girl from Mitawal village of Madhya Pradesh has been able to get the right treatment on time. Radhika, a resident of Mitawal, was successfully operated for an omental cyst on July 1 at MY Hospital by Dr. Brajesh Lahoti.
On June 26, Collector Shivraj Verma got information about Radhika who was living in a very critical condition. Collector Verma called Radhika to the district hospital on the same day and instructed civil surgeon Dr. Amarsingh Chauhan to update the case. After preliminary investigation, Collector Verma asked Dr. Chauhan for the treatment of the girl child to get the operation done in government or private hospital wherever it is possible, but there should be no shortage in the treatment.

Civil Surgeon Dr. Chauhan said that after the personal instructions of Collector Verma, he sought guidance from Dr. Brajesh Lahoti, Dean of Pediatric Surgery Department of MY Hospital. Dr. Lahoti asked to refer Radhika to MY Hospital immediately. On June 28, she was admitted to Ward-15 in the Pediatric Department of MY Hospital. After which Radhika’s sonography and systematic examination of the cyst was done and after that it was decided to remove the lump by operation.

Dr. Lahoti told that the girl was brought into such a complicated condition that nothing can be said  But my team and I were able to remove the football-sized water lump in a 2-hour operation. He said that now Radhika is healthy and she will be kept under observation for about 1 week.

Dr. Lahoti specially told all the parents that when such symptoms or something different is felt, then do not delay. It is easy to remove the disease in the beginning. Problems become very complicated by delay. Omental cyst is a simple thing, it is not any kind of disease, but the problem became complicated due to increase in the size of the lump. Flatulence, lack of digestion and abdominal pain are the main symptoms in any child.

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