Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann took a landmark decision:

·        Anti-corruption helpline will be launched on the martyrdom day of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh

·        This initiative will enable the people of Punjab to lodge their complaints about corruption on WhatsApp

·        Bhagwant Mann’s major decision to curb the menace of corruption from Punjab

·        With this people will be able to make complaints directly to Bhagwant Mann

·        WhatsApp Number will be released on March 23

·        99% of people are honest, system crumbles due to only 1%- Bhagwant Mann

·        Will always stood through thick and thin with honest officers- Bhagwant Mann

·        System of forced weekly collection (hafta vasooli) will now come to an end Bhagwant Mann

·        None of any leader will harass officers for such weekly collections (hafta vasooli)- Bhagwant Mann

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