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A girl, without a chin and less weight; who was born rare and today became very famous in India.

Harpreet Kaur ( The Mirror Time )

Sonia Gupta is very famous in India because of not having her chin. Sonia is an inspiration to many people because of her courage. Sonia Gupta is a resident of Kolkata and she is 20 years old. Sonia Gupta is a rare born child who does not have a chin on her face since birth. Because of their weak bones, Sonia’s weight is also less according to her age, at the age of 20, Sonia’s weight is 26 kg.

Sonia Gupta told that she has  5 siblings and they are all fine, none of them is rare born. Sonia told that” When the family members showed me to the doctors, the doctors said for face surgery, but at present, my family  cannot afford that much, so I have not done the surgery yet.”

Sonia says that due to their low weight and lack of chin, people used to make fun of her, due to which she did not talk to anyone earlier, but later her family supported Sonia, after which Sonia started making Reels on Instagram. which makes her famous. Sonia told that in the beginning some people called her very wrong and some liked her, then she kept a positive mind, and she started putting new content on Instagram daily, after which today many people consider Sonia Gupta as their inspiration.

Sonia says that today her family is proud of her and people love her a lot and also consider as their inspiration.
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