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An 8-inch dagger stuck in the stomach of the young man: In an injured condition, the young man was taken 50 KM away on a bike and reached SMS Hospital; taken out after 3 hours operation

Harpreet kaur (TMT)

In Sawai Mansingh Hospital (SMS) of Jaipur today, a sharp dagger of more than 8 inches was taken out from the stomach of a young man after an operation. The operation lasted for about 3 hours. The young man’s stomach, large intestine and pancreas had suffered major damage due to the dagger penetration, which was recovered. The operation was done by Dr. Rajendra Bagdi, Senior Professor, Department of General Surgery, SMS Hospital and his team. The condition of the young man is fine after the operation.

SMS’s media in-charge Dr. Devendra Purohit said- On the night of June 24, at around 11 pm, 22-year-old Akash Meena, a resident of Tonk, got into a dispute with a person while having food at a dhaba. In this dispute, a person stabbed a big dagger in the stomach of Akash, due to which the dagger got stuck inside tearing the stomach and intestine.

Dr. Rajendra Bagdi, who operated on the young man, said that when an ambulance was not available on the spot, Akash was taken to the SMS Trauma Center, about 50 km away from Tonk, by local people and his associates on a bike at around 2 pm. Where the doctors started the patient’s operation at 9 am after examining the young man.

Dr. Rajendra Bagdi said that the operation lasted till 12 noon. The patient’s pancreas, large intestine, stomach, and artery were severely damaged. Due to which a lot of blood was drained. He said that the team of doctors repaired these and pulled out a dagger bigger than 8 inches stuck near the main artery of the body. The doctor says that at present the condition of the youth is stable.

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