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A 6-year-old child was eating a mobile battery thinking it was chocolate and that battery exploded in his mouth. The operation lasted for 3 hours,

Ajay Verma (The Mirror Time)

 INDIA ( Rajasthan) Kota, A 6-year-old child chewed a mobile battery, and the blast blew their jaw, in Rajasthan
Due to the explosion in the mouth itself, the child’s jaws were blown off. His condition was such that he could not be seen. There was excessive bleeding. In a bloody condition, the family first reached Hindauli Hospital with the child but seeing the condition critically, the duty doctors referred them to Bundi District Hospital.

Dr. Ashish Vyas, a plastic surgeon in the district hospital, on seeing the child, immediately decided on an emergency operation. In the operation that lasted about 3 hours in trauma, around 100 stitches were obtained. According to doctors, the child is now out of danger.

Surgeon Dr. Amar Sharma and Nursing Staff Ashish Verma joined Dr. Vyas in this operation. Kanhaiyalal, the 6-year-old son of Jeetpura resident Shravan Bhil, was playing in the courtyard of the house at around 8 in the morning. During this time, mistaking the mobile battery or condenser lying there as chocolate, started chewing. During this, there was a blast in the mouth itself.

On this, we decided to do an emergency operation. The operation went on for about 3 hours. The muscles inside the child’s mouth were also badly damaged by the blast.

The operation was complicated. One by one the muscles were added. The jaw bone was placed. About 100 stitches were used to cover the muscles, inside and outside the mouth. The operation was successful

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