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3-feet-long-Bar(Iron rod) entered the neck of a girl doctor removed the rod stuck in the neck of the girl and after two hours of operation

Dharmendra Rajpoot

(The Mirror Time)

INDIA (Uttar Pradesh) Lakhimpur Kheri, A child is lucky to be alive after falling onto a three-foot metal pole while playing with friends near her home.

The freak accident took place in Bhulanpur village of Lakhimpur Kheri, India, whilst the girl, named locally as Taiba, was just 1.5km from her home.

Taiba had reportedly been playing with friends when she fell onto the three-foot iron rod which had been lying hidden in the nearby plot.

The rod punctured the girl’s neck and chin as she fell, coming back out at the mouth area.

Graphic footage taken from the hospital shows the iron rod stuck in her throat, coming out of her mouth.

Another clip shows the girl surrounded by family, as doctors fought to save her life.

A local person who had been working in the plot ran to the girl’s father, Israr, and told him that a bar (iron rod) had entered his daughter’s neck.

He reportedly then ran to his daughter and picked her up, before taking her to the district hospital.

When the family reached the district hospital with the child, on the information of the Emergency Medical Officer, surgeon Dr. Rajkumar Kohli reached the spot.

He removed the rod stuck in the neck of the girl in an operation lasting two hours.

It is reported the girl is now safe following treatment.

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