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Dr. J. S. Bal was elected Vice-Chairperson, Division Horticulture for Human Health (ISHS)

Ajay Verma (The Mirror Time)

Punjab (Fatehgarh Sahib) Prof. (Dr) J. S. Bal Ph.D. (Hort.) F.H.S.I. Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, SGGS World University, Fatehgarh Sahib got elected as Vice-Chairperson of Division Horticulture for Human Health, International Society for Horticultural Science, Leuven (Belgium) for four years term. Earlier, he served Punjab Agricultural University for 34 years and was Professor and Head there, in 2009. Dr. Bal has published 163 research papers, 134 technical articles, and 24 book chapters. He has developed 3 ber and 3 guava varieties/rootstocks and given 17 recommendations to farmers. He has written/edited books in horticulture viz. Fruit Growing, Plant Growth Regulators in Fruit Science; Fruit Science Culture & Technology vol 1-4; Raising Fruit Nursery; Ber Varieties; Mulching in Ber Orchards; Postharvest Handling of Fruits and Vegetables, etc which are very popular among students, farmers, scientists and extension workers engaged in horticulture.  Dr. Bal has guided 19 M.Sc / Ph.D. students as major supervisor, 79 M.Sc/Ph.D. students as a minor supervisor and presently guiding 8 post-graduate students in horticulture. He attended the 2nd International Jujube Symposium at Xinzheng (China) in Sept. 2011, and 3rd IJS at Brisbane (Australia) in August 2014 and presented keynote lectures and chaired sessions. He was also a member of the International Scientific Committee ‘Jujube 2016 Workshop’ Bucharest, Romania, and ‘XXX IHC (4th International Jujube Symposium)’ Istanbul, Turkey in August 2018. He had delivered the Lead lecture online in the 5th IJS held at Baoding, China in Sept. 2021. He has worked as a member of, the editorial board Acta Horticulturae No. 993 and 1116 on jujube (ber). Dr. Bal has edited ‘The Horticultural Bulletin’ (English & vernacular) monthly for 7 years and ‘Horticulture Newsletter’ quarterly for 4 years for the benefit of fruit growers. Dr. Bal is instrumental in the revival of 450 years old historic ber plants at Golden Temple, Amritsar with 20 years of consistent care. He is a recipient of 3 national and 3 state awards in the field of horticulture.

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