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Man, 29, has testicle removed after huge cancerous tumor found growing in it.

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INDIA ( Madhya Pradesh) A man saw his entire left testicle removed in a bid to save his life after it was found to be cancerous. Ujjain District Hospital successfully operated on a rare disease patient Dr. Ajay Diwakar told that about ten days ago a 29-year-old patient had come to him with his illness. The patient said that suddenly there was swelling in his left testicle. He was getting very nervous.
According to Dr. Diwakar, the patient had a disease called testicular seminoma with

syncytiotrophoblastic. It is a form of cancer itself. In this disease, a lump of cancer is formed in the testicles. It is not known in the early stages. It suddenly comes to the fore only when it grows. Dr. Diwakar said, in this disease, the lump in the testicles would gradually increase and close the passage of defecation, after that it would have a bad effect on the left kidney and it can even lead to the patient’s death

This rare disease has happened to four people in the world. On Monday, he was discharged from the hospital after getting stitches. The young man is now completely healthy.
Since the operation 10 days ago, the young man is said to be recovering well.
Testis cancer is most common in men in their late 20s and early 30s, with an average age of diagnosis of 33 years old, according to John Hopkins Medicine.

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