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Teen climbed a tree to pluck mangoes and fell on bamboo, the bamboo passed through his shoulder

Ajay Verma

INDIA (Jharkhand) Jamshedpur: 13-year-old Vikram Hembram fell while plucking mangoes from a tree in Kedo village Sundarnagar, Jamshedpur. During this, a bamboo branch passed through the teenager’s shoulder. The teenager’s friends took him to Sadar Hospital in a critical condition for treatment. From there he has been referred to TMH for better treatment where his condition remains critical.

Regarding the incident, the family members said Vikram had climbed a mango tree near his house to pluck mangoes.
 He was moving from one branch to another after plucking mangoes
The house’s boundary is made with bamboo sticks below. Vikram fell on the boundary bamboo, due to which the bamboo passed through his shoulder. Hearing the teenager’s scream, people ran and cut the bamboo and took him to Sadar Hospital. After this, the doctors referred him to TMH. At present, the condition of the teenager remains critical.

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