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To bring down the road fatalities and promote road safety measures in a holistic manner, SSP Patiala Vikram Jeet Duggal today approved the reports on ‘Road Safety Analysis and Identification of Accident Black Spots’ for Patiala district prepared under ‘Punjab Vision Zero Accident Project’.Divulging the details, Mr Duggal said that it was a joint

initiative under Mission Tandrust Punjab of Punjab Police with road safety experts. While releasing the report, in the presence of Palwinder Singh Cheema, PPS SP (Traffic), Dr. Navdeep Asija, Traffic Advisor Punjab, Arbab Ahmad, Project Manager, Punjab Road Safety Project and Swinder Brar, Road Safety Engineer, Patiala.

The report was prepared to identify all the black spots in the district and detail out the problems pertaining in Patiala district. The report sums up the data for the past three years i.e. from 2016 to 2018. This effort was made to bring down the road fatalities in the

district and promote road safety in a holistic manner. There were altogether 55 Black spots that were identified in Patiala district. Collectively, 1020 people lost their lives and 654 were seriously injured in Patiala district in the past three years.

Patiala district is one of the most critical when it comes to accident-prone districts of Punjab when calculated per million population. Punjab has 155 fatalities per million population whereas Patiala district has 221 fatalities per million Population. This report comprises micro level analysis of the districts which is helpful for the Police and administration to take necessary actions.

Data related to Patiala district has been attached as an annexure with this summary for better understanding and for the general public.


Road Accident Scenario in Patiala District

i. On an average, more than 28 people are losing their lives every month in various Road Accidents within Patiala District.

ii. A decline from 326 road fatalities in 2016 to 299 road fatalities in 2017 was observed

in Patiala but the graph again climbed up in 2018 to 395 road accident fatalities. At the same time, the Punjab state recorded overall inclined trend of nearly 6% in road fatalities.

iii. Overall Ranking based upon road accident fatalities per million population of Patiala District is at number 221, amongst all the districts of Punjab Patiala is at number 4 in the year 2018.

iv. Number of road accident fatalities per million populations (against 10 lakh) of Patiala district (Health burden due to traffic) in the year 2018 was 221, against the state’s average of 155 and National average of 110.

v. In Patiala, 35% of the total road fatalities are occurring on National highways and 20% on State highways.

vi. Approximately 146.39 km long National Highways are passing through Patiala District area and are the most accidental prone stretches. The death rate on National Highways passing through Patiala District area is approximately 0.41 per kilometre in the past three years. 25 accidental black spot falls on 146.39 kilometre of NH length makes it the most critical road section within Patiala District.

vii. Over speeding and rough driving are the leading causes of deaths in Patiala district. Police Stations like Rajpura, Shambu, Banur, Tripuri Patiala contributes 60% in the total road fatalities of the Patiala district.

viii. Month-wise January, May, October, November, December months are the most critical from road accident fatalities point of view. In these months, the road accident fatality rate is 47% above the yearly average of 15 road accidental deaths per month in the past three years.

ix. Monday, Friday, Saturday are the most critical days accounting to 44% of total road fatalities in Patiala district. On these days, 10-15% more road fatalities compared with a daily average of the past three years i.e. 77 deaths/day occurred.

x. Maximum road accident fatalities occurred between 6 PM to 9 PM & 9 PM to 12 AM in the Patiala District.

xi. It accounts for 51% of total road accidental fatalities in the past three years.

xii. The gender-wise comparison in road accident deaths in Patiala district area revealed that the total number of males and females killed during the last three years were in the ratio of 86%: 14% respectively.

xiii. As per the socio-economic cost analysis, 1081 Crore rupees were lost due to road accidents in Patiala District area in the past three years.

xiv. Patiala District has 55 accidental black spots, out of which 25 are on National Highways, 13 State Highways, 5 on MDR, 7 on ODR and 5 on Municipal Roads. On these black spot, more than 5 fatal or serious accidents took place in the last three years. On these spots, in the last three years, 299 people lost their lives and 184 got seriously injured.

xv. Traffic Police enforcement-wise, a total staff of just 71 (3 in Traffic Education cell) Police persons are deployed on various Traffic duties in the Patiala District area.

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