An Indian Man is Called Snake Man’ because of a rare skin disease his skin is shed every few days.

Preet Kaur ( The Mirror Time)

INDIA, Bihar, (West Bengal). Majibar Rehman malik is not an ordinary boy, he has an undefined skin disease. malik is 25 years old and lives in Bihar, West Bengal. Apart from his parents in his family, he has 2 brothers and 4 sisters. he suffers from a rare inflammatory skin disease called Erythroderma or ‘red man syndrome.  He detailed living with the debilitating ailment in a YouTube documentary by Rare Shot News.

Malik’s skin disease started a few days after his birth. In winter his skin gets dry and cracks, and Malik’s skin is shed every few days because of this malik had to face pain. When Malik’s parents told the doctors about Malik’s skin disease, the doctors did not know about this disease. Doctors advised them to go to the big hospital and get treatment but malik’s family was poor and couldn’t treat her skin.

Malik had a passion for their studies, he also went to school but other children were scared to see him, and because of that, and threw out the malik from school. from the start, malik had to face many problems but Malik is a self-confident boy who has made his illness his identity. He doesn’t care what people think. His friends and family urge him to live life like everyone else.

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