Rajindra Hospital Patiala Doctors Perform Surgery on a Post COVID Case of Mucormycosis, Preserve The Eye of the Patient Successfully

In a rare but successful attempt, the doctors of Rajindra Hospital Patiala, today, preserved the eye of a patient infected from Black Fungus.
       A team of doctors of Government Medical College and Rajindra Hospital Patiala has performed advanced endoscopic surgery on a post COVID case of mucormycosis, today. The orbit of the patient suffering from mucormycosis was cleared of disease and the eye was successfully preserved. This surgery was done by the team of ENT Department led by Dr. Sanjeev Bhagat, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Dr. Vishav Yadav along with team of Anaesthesia Deptt.
        Professor and Head of ENT Department, Dr. Sanjeev Bhagat said, “Early diagnosis and early surgical intervention is required to save the eye and spread of fungus to vital organs. No treatment works well till we remove the dead, necrosed tissue or involved part. The surgery is called endoscopic debridement/orbital clearance. Medical management in the form Inj Amphotericin B is to be given along with the surgery.”
    Dr. Rajan Singla Director Principal Govt. Medical College Patiala said, “At present there are five patients of mucormycosis under treatment in this institute. This is the first such case in which
 debridement has been done. Another case has been  taken up today. A panel of experts is keeping a regular watch on other patients for the need of surgery as and when required.

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