Punjab school education minister Vijay Inder Singla sends feedback to the center on Class XII examinations

Punjab School Education Minister Mr. Vijay Inder Singla, on Tuesday, said that the union government should provide required COVID vaccines to all states before taking decisions on examinations of class XII students. While conveying the feedback to Union HRD Minister on the behalf of Captain Amarinder Singh led Punjab Government, Mr. Vijay Inder Singla said that there is a dire need of vaccinating the students appearing in the board examinations and teachers as well as the health, safety and security of both students and teachers is of utmost importance. The cabinet minister said that the examinations of only selected and essential subjects may be held in each discipline and question papers may be of lesser duration. He said that due consideration may also be given to pre-board examinations and internal assessment.

While raising the concerns of students and parents, Mr. Vijay Inder Singla said that the examinations should not be conducted until the safety of all stakeholders will be ensured. He added that as there is every possibility that the students appearing in class 12th would be late in getting admission in the higher educational institutions. He said that the Government of India should issue directions to all universities and colleges to cope with the time loss of students. He added that the higher education institutions should be asked to reduce the syllabus of the course which would also reduce the mental pressure of students.

“The students as well as their parents are not to put any hardship. The students taking admissions in the higher education institutions after undergoing class 12th examinations would not be required to undergo all the semesters in the next course. For example, 8 semesters course may be reduced to 7 semesters which would help in reducing mental pressure on students and will also motivate them to perform with more confidence in higher education,” Mr. Singla said.

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