Promises support; provides winter clothes and blankets to the victim’s kids

 The Mirror Time | November 28, 2020  

SAS Nagar
Khakhi I was seen in its best, extending a truly humanitarian gesture when Mohali Traffic Police reached out to the children of hit and run victim and assured them all support. SP traffic Gurjot Singh Kaler was seen reassuring the kids by seating them in his lap and providing them winter clothes and blankets.

Millions of precious human lives get tragically lost every year in the road mishaps and accidents due to the over-speeding of the vehicles and dangerous driving by the drivers.
In one such recent heart-rending incident, Tanya and Badal, two young children from S.A.S Nagar (Mohali) lost their mother when an over-speeding vehicle hit her from behind and she succumbed to the grievous injuries.
The police have registered an FIR to investigate and arrest the culprit driver responsible for the death of the mother of these two little children who have been pushed into a zone of darkness in their lives. It is excruciatingly painful time, full of sorrow for the children as at a tender age they had tragically lost their father too.
“The S.AS Nagar Police, under the guidance of SSP Satinder Singh stands by Badal and Tanya in their hour of grief and promises to do everything towards their welfare. We cannot lessen their pain and sorrow but we will try our best to help them in whatever manner we can, said , Gurjot Singh Kaler.”
He also urged everyone to drive safely and responsibly and not resort to over-speeding and dangerous driving for the safety of commuters on the roads.

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