Private Hospitals directed to facilitate frequent health update of admitted COVID19 positive patients


 The Mirror Time | September 3, 2020

SAS Nagar,(punjab)
“In order to allay the fears and apprehensions of family members, it is imperative that hospital authorities regularly inform the members of family of the patient about his/her status”, said Girish Dayalan Deputy Commissioner- cum- Chairperson District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA).
With the surge in COVID cases/ hospital admissions, it is necessary to streamline the flow of information from Hospital Administration to patients family so as to check any inadvertent delay in communication, said he.

Hence, all the Private Hospitals have been asked to ensure regular briefing and frequent update about the status of health of each admitted COVID19 positive patients to his/her family from time to time.
It has been directed that the Medical Superintendents of all the Private Hospitals would issue a Bulletin briefing about the health status of all COVID positive patients twice a day, the first at 12 noon and second at 6:00pm. Besides, all Private Hospitals would depute a Nodal Officer or a Public Relations Officer (PRO) to act as one point contact for family of admitted COVID positive patients.

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