Observe every Friday as Dry Day; Do not allow storage of water anywhere in homes and surroundings


 The Mirror Time | September 3, 2020

SAS Nagar(punjab)

The Civil Surgeon Dr. Manjit Singh today appealed to the district residents to protect themselves from the Dengue fever especially during these unprecedented times. “It is not only Coronavirus, but also the Dengue fever that we all should protect ourselves from because co-infection of both diseases may be very risky for life.” he said. He informed that the larvae of the deadly mosquito which spreads dengue fever have recently been found at various places in the district. He said that while the teams of the health department have been fully active for more than six months to curb the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, they are also going door to door to check presence of larvae and sensitize people about this disease.

While issuing an advisory, Dr Manjit Singh said that at this hour of Covid-19 pandemic, when we all are engaged in a battle against the pandemic, it is equally important and essential to save ourselves from the dangerous bite of mosquito named Aedes aegypti. The civil surgeon said that people should clean Coolers, flowerpots, fridge back trays, water tanks and other containers which are general breeding sites of the deadly mosquito. He reminded that every Friday should be observed as Dry Day as the practice has been going on for long.
District Epidemiologist Dr Renu Singh said that the residents while understanding their own responsibility, must not allow the storage of water anywhere in their homes and surroundings. He said that Dengue fever is a treatable disease and if symptoms appear, the nearest health facility should be visited or The Helpline No 104 may be contacted for medical guidance.
Pertinently, the Dengue Symptoms are Sudden high fever,Severe headaches,Pain behind eyes,Severe joint and muscle pain,Skin rash,
Fatigue,Nausea andvomiting
The Do’s are
Remove water from coolers and other small containers at least once a week.
Keep overhead tanks covered
Drain off water from the back tray of refrigerator every week.
Use mosquito nets or mosquito repellents while sleeping during daytime.
Emptying and drying of water storage utensils on a weekly basis is important.
Keep surroundings clean and dry to prevent mosquito breeding.
Dispose of plastic, coconut shells and empty tins and cans.
Spray insecticides on outdoor containers and water puddles in and around your home.
And the Dont’s are
Do not wear clothes that expose your arms and legs.
Children should not be allowed to play in shorts and half sleeved clothes.
Do not allow water to stagnate in bird feeding pots.
Do not leave toilet pots uncovered while going out of station.
Do not use vessels below flowerpots during these months as water stagnates in them if left unchanged.
Do not give steroids or antibiotics to dengue patients.

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