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Doctors remove the Krishna idol from a Karnataka man’s throat after he accidentally swallows it

Ajay Verma ( The Mirror Time)

India (Karnataka) A 45 years male patient was presented at the ENT Department of KLE Hospital with complaints of breathing difficulty, throat pain, and painful swallowing. He had been shown to a local doctor and had an X-ray of his chest showing an image of Lord Krishna stuck in the throat.

The patient told that he had a habit of consuming holy water (prasad) every morning along with the idol of Balakrishna in the container. But according to doctors, a few days back he accidentally swallowed the idol while drinking holy water

After endoscopy confirmed this diagnosis, the patient was rushed for emergency surgery to remove the Balakrishna Sculpture. It was challenging as the left foot of the idol was stuck in the patient’s food pipe and had to be freed.

After great difficulty and maneuvering, finally, the Sculpture was removed by endoscopy through the mouth with immediate relief of symptoms. Dr. Priti Hajare, Dr. Vinita Metgudmath, and Dr. Chaitanya Kamat performed the complex procedure.

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