An iron piece stuck in a worker’s eye  during working in the coal mine

suman sidhu :

Indra Pratap Saket resident of Singrauli works in Reliance Coal Mines. Two days back, during work, a piece of iron was stuck in a part near the eye. it was quite difficult to operate. Doctors said that in this condition he could be lost their eyesight. Indra Pratap Singh was shown in nearby hospitals including Singrauli, but everyone raised their hands.

After this, he was referred to Jabalpur Medical College.
After a few hours, the Operation was done in the ENT department of Jabalpur Medical college
According to Dr. Kavita Sachdeva, who is HOD of the ENT Department of Jabalpur Medical College. She said that, when the patient came, his condition was critical.

A piece of iron was stuck under the bone near his eye. When he reached the ENT team, there was swelling in his eye. But, now he is absolutely fine.

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