First-time two-month child operated and recovered at Rajindra Hospital

The Mirror Time | September 22, 2020


2 months old female child hailed from Sangrur, presented with gross abdominal distension, severe dehydration and sepsis in Rajindra Hospital Patiala. Clinical diagnosis of intestinal obstruction was made but CT scan could not be done due to deranged Renal Function Tests. Child was resuscitated and operated upon by Dr Ravi Kumar garg (Assistant Professor Paediatric Surgery) with the help of Professor Dr Parmod Kumar and Senior Resident Dr Mandeep of Department of Anaesthesia.

Intra operative diagnosis of Congenital Malformation Complete malrotation of intestine leading to volvulus was made by Dr Ravi Kumar Garg, he further informed that volvulus of malrotated intestine cut off its blood supply due to torsion and even a delay of few hours would have led to gangrene.

The life of the child was saved under the care of Professor Dr. Baljinder Kaur, Associate Prof. Dr Harjinder Singh and Senior Resident Dr Deeksha Singla department. of Paediatrics. Acknowledgement to Principal Professor Dr Rajan Singla and Medical Superintendent Professor Dr H.S.Rekhi.

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