The Mirror Time | October 23, 2020 

Taking another leap towards smart policing, Sh. Arpit Shukla, Director Bureau of Investigation along with Jatinder Singh Aulakh, IG Patiala Zone and Vikram Jeet Duggal, SSP Patiala launched E-dossier and Veri-Patiala, two web based initiatives of District Patiala.

E-dossier is an intra departmental initiative of Patiala Police with the objective of collecting information of potential and proven criminals. The portal would have information catering to every aspect of the suspect ranging from family details, bank details, social media etc providing a comprehensive 360 degree profile of any suspect which would be useful for police.
Veri-Patiala is an initiative which aims at procuring information about persons who come from outside the district and stay in Patiala District as tenants/ workers/ maid servants etc. The project aims at encouraging the citizens to share information even about the people employed in their homes/offices/industries etc thereby enabling the police to keep track in case of any mishap for future.
A web link www.veripatiala.com has been developed for this purpose wherein citizens can use and enter details like name, phone number, ID proofs etc of the person to be verified.
Keeping the past criminal cases in mind in which strangers or persons temporarily working with locals attacked/ assaulted and even committed murders for gain.
Patiala Police appeals to all the citizens to use the portal and fill the desired information about such persons so that a safe and crime free environment can be provided to people of Patiala district.

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