Deputy Commissioner Reviews Flood Control Measures in wake of Rainy Season

Deputy Commissioner Mr Kumar Amit took stock of the preparations done by the various departments to deal with the flood like situation in monsoons.
      Chairing a meeting with the district heads of all the departments at the District Administrative Complex today, evening,  he said that the concerned departments would prepare their communication plan for dealing with the flood situation and  submit it to his office.  He said that it was the responsibility of the concerned head to assign the duties of the department staff as per the communication plan and if any one did not work as per the plan, then strict action would be taken in case of any negligence.
       The Deputy Commissioner also said that strict legal action would be taken under the Disaster Management Act, against those who obstructed the natural flow of rainwater during the monsoon season.  He said that due to obstruction of natural flow of water, flood like situation was created which could lead to loss of crops and other livelihood.  He directed the authorities to take immediate action against those who obstructed the natural flow.  He said that control rooms would be made functional at district level and sub division level to provide and receive any information regarding floods.
      The Deputy Commissioner said that all the SDMs should visit the areas under their jurisdiction to review the arrangements where there was a risk of floods and set up committees at the village level to ensure smooth implementation of strengthening work and rescue plans.
      He directed the officials of the Municipal Corporation to clean the sewerage and the officials of the Electricity Board to fix the loose electrical wires.  He directed the Chief Agriculture Officer to make necessary arrangements for the provision of green fodder for the cattle during the flood like situation.
     Mr. Kumar Amit directed the Civil Surgeon Office to keep the medical teams ready during the rainy season including complete stock of required medicines.  He asked the DFSC to submit the list of food items reserved in case of floods.  He instructed the officers that no officer or employee would leave their station during the flood season.
       On this occasion SDM Dudhansadh Ankurdeep Singh, SDM  Patiala Charanjit Singh, SDM  Nabha Kala Ram Kansal, SDM  Samana Naman Markan, SDM Rajpura Khushdil Singh including district heads of various departments, were present.

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