COVA app Updated with information on Capacity of Beds, Hospitals and Testing Centers for COVID: Deputy Commissioner


 The Mirror Time |August 22,2020 

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Kumar Amit said that from now onwards, all the information on the capacity of the beds in the district, COVID hospitals and testing centers for the treatment has been made available on the COVA app, developed by the Punjab Government.
He further added that people who have recovered from COVID can also get register for plasma donation on the app.

Deputy Commissioner said that the Punjab Government was updating the information about the capacity of district wise beds in the state on the COVA app, developed to spread awareness about Corona prevention and to provide more information about COVID to the people. The COVA app also provides information on hospitals and labs that take samples of COVID patients. He exhorted the people who have recovered from COVID and want to donate plasma can also do so by registering themselves on COVA app.
The Deputy Commissioner said that the capacity of the beds on the app, has been given as per Level-1, 2 and 3 and at the same time this information (pertaining to Patiala District only) has also been updated on the website of the district administration via link https://patiala.nic.in/covid-19/. He said that there was no shortage of beds in Patiala and the capacity could be further increased if required.
He appealed to the residents of the district that all the residents of Patiala must download the COVA app in their phones and follow the instructions given by the government from time to time so that we can control this epidemic. He urged the people of the district to wear face masks on a daily basis, maintain social distance, wash or sanitize their hands frequently and avoid unnecessary travelling.

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