Capt. Amarinder Singh To Protect Interests of Farmers at Every Cost-Lal Singh, Chairman Mandi Board

 The Mirror Time |  October 02, 2020 


Punjab Mandi Board Chairman Mr. Lal Singh said that while the Punjab Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh is trying to fight the Center’s malicious and anti-national Agricultural Acts to protect the interests of farmers at every cost. In order to back the protest of the farmers against the anti-farmer agricultural laws passed by the Union Government, the former Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi would also join them on October 4 at Samana Mandi, he added.

He was in Samana today to attend a special function organized by the Arhtiya Association. He also kick started the procurement in the mandi. The MLA from Samana, Rajinder Singh who was also there, said that former presidents of AICC Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh along with Party’s Punjab State Affairs’ Incharge Mr. Harish Rawat would arrive at Samana Dana Mandi on October 4 tp participate in a huge tractor rally in support of the farmers.

While addressing farmers, Arhtiyas and labourers, Mr. Lal Singh said that the Punjab government to explore all options against the anti-farmers central laws and the Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh was consulting the legal experts. He said that the farmers of Punjab were being supported by the Member of Parliament and Senior Congress Leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi for the repeal of the anti-farmer laws, which showed the seriousness and Commitment of the Government of Punjab was against these laws.

The Chairman of the Mandi Board said that the central law would not only destroy the marketing structure and MSP rather it will ruin the entire economy of Punjab including farmers, arhtiyas, transporters and labourers. He lashed out at the Akali Dal by saying that the Badals had earlier sang the praises of the Central laws and now in view of the protests a U-turn was being taken.

Mr. Lal Singh said that the farmers of Punjab after independence not only fed 60 percent of the population of the country but also brought green revolution in the country and also taught the farmers of other states to how to cultivate. But the Modi Government has forgotten all this and put the farmers of Punjab at stake as the implementation of these black laws would destroy the marketing infrastructure built in the state by investing billions of rupees in 13,300 acres.

The Chairman further said that the introduction of this law by the Union Government was a step towards withdrawing Rs. 1800 crore from 36000 Commission Agents in Punjab and wages of Rs. 1100 crore from 3 lakh labourers that would not be allowed to succeed under any circumstances.

MLA Mr. Rajinder Singh said that Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh was the only leader who had earlier saved the water of Punjab by canceling the water agreements and now he would also save the farmers of Punjab. Mr. Rajinder Singh said that on the one hand the country was struggling with the epidemic of Corona but Narendra Modi has ruined the existing infrastructure of the farmers, Arhtiyas, labourers and transporters by launching a bigger attack than this disease. This is the biggest betrayal of the farmers of Punjab, which is why Annadata is sitting on the roads and railway lines today.

Mr. Vijay Kalra, Vice Chairman, Punjab Mandi Board and President, Federation of Arthtyia Association, Mr. Faqir Chand Bansal, Senior Vice Chairman, PEDA, Mr. Gurdeep Singh Untsar, District President Congress, Newly elected President of Arthtyia Association Samana Mr. Pawan Bansal, Former President Mr. Tarsem Goyal, Chairman Market Committee Samana Mr. Pradamun Singh Virk, Vice Chairman Mr. Hardeep Singh Kularan, Block President Mr. Shiv Kumar Ghagga, Mr. Ramesh Goyal, Mr. Lakhwinder Singh Lakha, Youth Congress President Mannu Sharma, Ashwani Gupta and other dignitaries were present.

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