The baby is born with two heads, three arms, and two hearts:

INDIA (Madhya Pradesh) A woman gave birth to a child with two heads, three hands, and two hearts in the Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh. After this, the child has been admitted to the ICU of MY (Maharaja Yeshwantrao) Hospital, Indore

This condition is called ‘Dicephalic Parapagus”, there is no planning for surgery so far said the doctors.
As per information, Shahin B, resident of Neem Chowk, in Jaora delivered the baby at District Hospital in Ratlam on Monday evening. The doctors had told the parents that they have twins after conducting an ultrasound but were not aware of this condition.

The mother of the baby is still admitted to the District Hospital in Ratlam.
Dr. Lahoti told the media “These kinds of cases are rare and the condition of babies remains uncertain, especially in the initial days, Due to which we have kept them under observation. We have not planned for any surgery on the patient,”.

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