Around 3468 Home Isolated Patients Get Recovered From COVID in Pataila-Dr Malhotra

Patiala, (punjab)
As per the guidelines of Punjab Government regarding home Isolation of COVID-19 patients, as many as 4343 patients of Patiala district have been isolated to their homes so far and out of them 3468 patients have recovered while at present, there are 875 active cases of home isolated patients in the district.
Divulging the details, about the home isolated patients in Patiala district, Civil Surgeon Patiala Dr. Harish Malhotra said that the Punjab Government has extended the home isolation facility to the cases with mild symptoms /pre-symptoms besides asymptomatic patients now, under which 4343 patients have been quarantined at home in Patiala district and of these, 3468 patients have recovered so far.

He said that presently there were 875 active cases of home Isolation in the district and today isolation period of 170 patients has completed.
Elaborating about the rules of isolation in the home, he said that in such cases, where they have the provision to isolate themselves and their families in the home and elderly persons above 60 years of age, who are comorbid such as suffering from diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Chronic Lungs / Liver / Kidney Disease, Cerebro-Vascular etc., they can be isolated at home only on the advice of Medical Officers.
Dr. Malhotra said that the isolation agreement (self-declaration letter) has been given by the patient stating that he has a separate room and toilet facility for isolation in the house. The patient must download the COVA application in the the mobile and keep it always activate (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi). The patient’s consent will be required to check for oxygen and fever, 3 times a day and a complete record of their health will be kept and the health department will be kept informed about the health condition continuously.
The Civil Surgeon further said if the patient was isolated at home and having difficulty in breathing, dip in oxygen saturation (SpO2 <95%), consisitant pain /pressure in the chest, mental unrest, slurred speech / seizures, weakness or numbness in any limb or face or bluish discoloration of lips / face, then immediately medical help must be sought.

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