About 5.11 Lakh MT Wheat Procured out of Total Arrival of 5.37 Lakh till Sunday Evening

District Patiala Mandis have total arrival of wheat by Sunday evening about 5.37 lakh MT, out of which 5.11 lakh MT  have been procured so far. Divulging the details, DFSC Harsharan Singh Brar said that as many as 424 procurement centers have been set up in Patiala district that was witnessing a steady influx of wheat and as per the directives of the state government, the procurement agencies are purchasing the wheat as per specifications. He said that this time special arrangements have been made in the mandis to prevent COVID infection under which special care is being taken to unload crop in 30×30 feet locations, sanitization, and screening, while the vehicles carrying wheat enter the mandis. He said that the farmers have also been urged to follow the instructions issued by the government regarding COVID. Netar Singh of village Baran, who brought wheat to the new grain mandi of Patiala, said that the wheat which he had earlier brought on April 12 was procured within 24 hours and today he came back to the mandi with more wheat.  Like the first time, it will be procured within 24 hours.  He also lauded the arrangements made by the government to prevent COVID in the market.

       Similarly, a farmer from Kalyan village expressed satisfaction over the procurement of his wheat saying that he had come to the grain market with wheat crop last evening and his wheat had already been procured in the morning.  He said that all arrangements were made in the market and there was no problem.

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