AAP must abstain from luring Punjabis with their creepy tactics- Brinder Dhillon

Chandigarh, (punjab)
Criticizing Aam Aadmi Party for playing politics over every issue in the time of Covid just to get its lost ground back, the president of Punjab Youth Congress Brinder Singh Dhillon on Saturday asked AAP to stay away from politicising the issues. He said that AAP has always played with the emotions of Punjabis just to get political mileage. The Punjabis have rejected the divisive politics of AAP in 2017 and would never accept in the future as well.

In a press statement, Dhillon said that neither AAP carries any policy for the future of Punjab nor are their good for Punjabis. Punjabis are well versed with all the aspects of state and are capable of taking the decisions on their own. People coming from Delhi have no idea about the problems being faced by Punjabis. ” AAP has lost its ground in Punjab and their leaders are trying to save their skin by making useless statements” He said.
“The new drama of Oximeters is nothing but to check if the people of Punjab would allow them to enter their houses or not.” said Dhillon. The medical experts and doctors are advising people to avoid meeting each other in the time of Covid but AAP volunteers are roaming around and spreading the disease.
Advising AAP leaders to abstain from stooping low in making statements, Dhillon said that AAP must retrospect their own character and actions. The AAP leaders must learn to respect women and think before writing ill on the social media platforms. All the Punjabis must try together to uplift Punjab.
Dhillon said that Congress govt is trying hard to revive the economy of Punjab that was looted by Akalis for 10 years and people will feel the difference in days to come. Congress will definitely fulfill all the promised made with Punjabis. The govt has tried hard in last 3 and half years to provide employment to the youth of state and plan has been finalised to create more opportunities in the coming months. The govt will announce more employment in days to come.

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